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say no with out sounding destructive — Ask a Supervisor

say no with out sounding destructive

A reader writes:

I’m by nature an over-thinker/extremely analytical individual. Once I make a structural or wording selection, I put an enormous quantity of thought into which of the numerous choices will likely be clearest and best to grasp.

Once I then carry the draft to my consumer or to colleagues, they’ll typically have many ideas. Inevitably, as a result of a) it’s my job and b) I’m an overthinker, I’ve already given severe thought to the choice they put ahead and discarded it for a number of causes. It’s typically a good suggestion on the face of it, and it was price considering by means of earlier than discarding. However the finish result’s a dynamic the place I’m simply saying a litany of “No, as a result of then we must change X, no as a result of that may battle with Y, no that wouldn’t work, no no no.” I’ve these causes instantly at hand as a result of it’s simply the considering I already put into it. However it might appear to be I’m capturing it down robotically as a result of my response is so fast.

I don’t like that I’m being so destructive and capturing every little thing down. It seems like I’m not open to suggestions or adjustments. However I can’t see a option to keep away from it aside from not placing in severe thought once I first do the work. (Often there’s something I haven’t considered it and I take it significantly and pay attention! However I’ve had days or perhaps weeks to consider it, and that is individuals’s preliminary impulses on first seeing it.) Is there a means to answer these ideas that isn’t so destructive but additionally doesn’t suggest I haven’t performed any earlier thought or evaluation?

I reply this query — and two others — over at Inc. immediately, the place I’m revisiting letters which were buried within the archives right here from years in the past (and generally updating/increasing my solutions to them). You can learn it right here.

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