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An Workplace Halloween Concept if You are a Really Horrible Particular person — Evil HR Girl

I really love Halloween. It’s an ideal vacation with out household or guilt obligations. It’s sweet and costumes, and what may very well be higher? Nothing.

However what may very well be worse?

Oh, expensive me, a complete lot worse than I might have imagined.

So horrible that I hope that is pretend.

Ghosts of Workers Previous

In the event you don’t want to click on by way of the TL;DW (too lengthy, didn’t watch), is that:

  1. The corporate performed layoffs
  2. The corporate adorned for Halloween
  3. The decorations have been ghosts
  4. With the names of the just lately terminated workers hooked up to them


I imply, holy smokes, I hope that is pretend. If it’s pretend, it’s humorous. If it’s actual, it’s horrifying.

Terminations usually are not humorous. Sure, having some gallows humor round terminations generally is a pure response to one thing terrible. However, whoever adorned the workplace was in no way delicate to the sentiments of the terminated folks (who would undoubtedly hear about it) and people nonetheless employed–who could also be affected by survivor’s guilt.

I’m all for having enjoyable on Halloween. I’m for sweet and costumes. However I’m not for being imply and heartless. That is imply and heartless.

Be humorous. Be intelligent. Deliver sweet. Don’t be merciless.


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